Modern problems in mathematics and its applications
International (50-th National) Youth School-Conference

Yekaterinburg, 2019 February from 3 to 9
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3—9 February 2019
Important Dates
from 31 Jul 2018 till 9 Jan 2019
Abstract submission
from 31 Jul 2018 till 9 Jan 2019
Notification of acceptance
from 9 Jan 2018 till 20 Jan 2019
Arrival and departure
from 3 Feb 2019 till 9 Feb 2019
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In Yekaterinburg 12:24
Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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January 24

The full program of the conference has been published: plenary and sectional talks. If you have not found your report in the schedule, please e-mail about it to the conference organizing committee.

January 18

The schedule of plenary talks of the conference and the breakdown of sections by days are published. The schedule of sectional reports will be posted on the site soon.

January 10

Registration of participants and their reports is completed.

January 9

Today is the last day of registration for participants and their reports. Starting with January 10, registration forms will become inactive. We ask everyone who planned to register as a conference participant to have time to complete this procedure today.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2019!

October 17

First announcement is published on the website.

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Key research areas

Key research areas of the school-conference (reports sections):
  1. Algebra and discrete mathematics (chaired by Ph.D. N.V. Maslova)
  2. Mathematical theory of optimal control and differential games (chaired by Ph.D. D.V. Khlopin and Ph.D. M.I. Gomoyunov)
  3. Topology and geometry (chaired by Dr.Sc. A.V. Osipov)
  4. Computer science and parallel programming (chairmen: Dr.Sc. E.E. Ivanko and M.A. Chernoskutov)
  5. Image processing and navigation in geophysical fields (chairmen: Ph.D. V.B. Kostousov and Ph.D. F.A. Kornilov)
  6. Theory of functions (chairman R.R. Akopyan, Ph.D.)
  7. Mathematical programming, ill-posed problems and data analysis (chairman Dr.Sc. M.Yu. Khachai)
  8. Mathematical biology (chaired by Ph.D. S.F. Pravdin)
  9. Theory of probability and random processes (chaired by Ph.D. Yu.V. Averbukh)
  10. Nonlinear partial differential equations: qualitative theory and numerical methods (chairman Dr.Sc. A.A. Kovalevsky)
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October 17

First announcement (pdf)
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Program committee

Chairman - corr.-mem. of RAS, Prof. Alexander Makhnev

  • Roman Akopyan
  • Youriy Averbukh
  • Michael Chernoskutov
  • Alexey Danilin
  • Michael Gomoyunov
  • Yevgeny Ivanko
  • Michael Khachay
  • Dmitriy Khlopin
  • Fyodor Kornilov
  • Viktor Kostousov
  • Alexander Kovalevsky
  • Natalya Maslova
  • Alexander Osipov
  • Vladimir Pimenov
  • Sergey Pravdin
  • Svyatoslav Solodushkin
  • Andrey Sozykin
  • Lyudmila Tsiovkina
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Organizing committee

Sophia Kovalevskaya str., 16, Yekaterinburg, Russia, Postal Code 620990.

N.N. Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the UB RAS
E-mail: sopromat2019@imm.uran.ru

Chairman - Prof. Nikolay Antonov

Secretary - Pavel Chistyakov

  • Dmitriy Khlopin

  • Alexey Borbunov
  • Konstantin Yefimov
  • Vladislav Kabanov
  • Maria Kosheleva
  • Anton Plaksin
  • Nikolay Minigulov
  • Sergey Pravdin
  • Alexey Rodin
  • Leonid Shalaginov
  • Dmitry Panasenko
  • Dmitry Yamkovoi

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