Actual problems of mathematics and its applications
International (48-th National) Youth School-Conference

Yekaterinburg, 2017 February from 5 to 11
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5—11 February 2017
Important Dates
from 24 Oct 2016 till 10 Jan 2017
Abstract submission
from 23 Nov 2016 till 10 Jan 2017
Notification of acceptance
from 16 Dec 2016 till 31 Jan 2017
Arrival and departure
from 5 Feb 2017 till 11 Feb 2017
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January 26

A special section devoted to transport is added to the site. The information about bus services from the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, to the recreation center "Ivolga(Oriole)" and back is published in this section.

January 24

The information about the cost of accommodation at the recreation center "Ivolga(Oriole)" and the value of the obligatory registration fee is published on the website.

January 23

A full schedule of the conference (lectures and presentations) is published on the website.

January 23

Dear participants, if you plan to stay at the recreation center "Ivolga(Oriole)" during the conference, we ask you in advance to inform the Organizing Committee about the arrival and departure dates for the reservation of rooms.

January 23

A phased sending of official invitations to all registered participants of the conference began. If you would like to receive an invitation as soon as possible for immediate registration of your business trip, then immediately write about it to the Organizing Committee.

January 13

An Entertainment plan is published on the website.

January 10

The registration of participants and their reports is finished today, we recommend to all who was planning to apply for participation in the conference to have time today to fill in all the registration form on our website!

January 10

Some preliminary materials for the course of lectures of Alexander Gasnikov are published on our website in the "Invited speakers" section.

December 30

The dates of registration of participants and their reports are extended until January 10 inclusively!

December 30

The conference will take place at the recreation center "Ivolga (Oriole)".

December 24

The information about the lecture of Alexsander Kazakov is added to the website.

December 15

The dates of registration of participants and their reports are extended until December 31 inclusively!

December 2

The information about the lecture of Svyatoslav Solodushkin is added to the website.

November 23

Registration of reports on the website is now fully operational, we invite all participants to fill in details of their report.

November 22

A preliminary list of invited lectures by leading scientists is published on this website.

November 18

The registration for the conference is currently in progress. One need to complete a profile on the site until December 15 to participate in the conference.
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November 1

First announcement (pdf)

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Key research areas

Key areas of research at the conference (Section reports):
  1. Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
  2. Mathematical theory of optimal control and differential games
  3. Topology and Geometry
  4. Computer Science. Parallel and Distributed Computing. Technical vision
  5. Approximation of functions
  6. Mathematical Programming, ill-posed problems and data analysis
  7. Mathematical biology
  8. Theory of Control and Functional Analysis
  9. Partial differential equations and numerical methods

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Invited speakers

The list of lecturers and topics of lectures will be found in this section, upon receipt of confirmation. Lecture courses are oriented to students and young scientists.

The following leading scientists are probably planning to give some lectures at the conference:
  • Prof. Andrew Raigorodskii, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of Dept. of Discrete Mathematics MIPT, a teacher in the Yandex school of the data analysis, professor of mathematical statistics and random processes at MSU

    "The probabilistic method in combinatorics, including local Lovász-lemma"

    "A counterexample to Borsuk's conjecture for dimension 65"

  • Prof. Denis Krotov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Leading Researcher of Sobolev's Institute of Mathematics SB RAS

    "Perfect combinatorial structures"

  • Yelena Konstantinova, Associate Professor, PhD, Senior Researcher of Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS

      "Hamiltonian Cayley graphs"

  • Prof. Vladislav Kabanov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, chief researcher at the Department of Algebra and topology of IMM UB RAS

    "New results on graphs arising from finite fields"

  • Alexander Gasnikov, PhD, MIPT lecturer, Leading Researcher of Kharkevich institute IITP RAS

    "Convex Optimization and Big Data"

    Summary: I would like to tell in a mini-course of lectures about some of the common problems of the rise of large sizes (coming from the analysis of data and solutions for various network problems) and their characteristics. An important feature of these problems is the affine-separable functional structure (functional has the form of a sum of a large number of similar scalar functions + some regularizator; argument of scalar functions are scalar products of the vector on which there is optimization for sparse vector set). This feature is significantly used in solving these problems. In particular, in recent years there have been proposed several effective approaches involving the use of component-wise rapid methods (direct and the dual problem) and the amount of randomization methods. We plan to talk about these approaches and the relationship of these approaches with stochastic optimization and the more general problems of mathematical statistics and statistical learning theory.
    Report will be based both on known results, for example,,
    and on some of my own developments.

  • Prof. Alexander Panfilov, Professor at the Department of Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at the University of Ghent (Belgium), Honorary Professor of Mathematics at the University of Dundee (Scotland)

    "Mathematics of nonlinear waves in heart"

  • Svyatoslav Solodushkin, PhD, Senior Researcher of IMM Differential Equations Dept., SAU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Ural FU lecturer

    "Parallel numerical methods for solving differential equations"

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Conference venue, registration fee, costs

The conference will take place at the recreation center "Ivolga (Oriole)".

The Organizing Committee plans to place the participants in the room category "Standard +".

Accommodation: the price for accommodation per person is 807,5 rubles per day. Accommodation for 6 days: 6*807,5 rubles = 4845 rubles.

Food:complete meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) costs 620 rubles per person per night. Separately breakfast - 130 rubles, dinner - 260 rubles, lunch - 230 rubles.

Coffee breaks: We plan 2 coffee breaks every working day. Coffee breaks cost 140 rubles per person per night.

Thus, if you are going for a full term, the total price to be paid will be: 4845 (accomodation) + 3720 (food) + 700 (coffee breaks) + 235 (obligatory registration fee) = 9500 rubles (approx. $165).

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Transport, transfer etc.


February 5 (Sunday), two buses will go to the recreation center "Ivolga(Oriole)" from the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (Sophia Kovalevskaya str., 16). The first bus at 12:00, the second at 16:00.

February 11 (Saturday), departure from the "Ivolga(Oriole)" is scheduled after lunch approximately at 11:00.

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Culture & Entertainment

You will not get bored, we can even say for sure that it would be fun!

Preliminary entertainment plan:
05.02 Opening. Acquaintances evening.
06.02 Sherardizatsiya. Oh-ho-ho, if you are a foreigner, you will be hard to understand the translation of this word. We type it like Vodka or Ushanka.
07.02 Mathematical boxing - the qualifying round.
08.02 "What? Where? When?" Photo contest.
09.02 Mathematical boxing - finals.
10.02 Horse fighting. The final concert. Bowling. Billiards.

And that's not all!
Throughout the conference we will hold chess and tennis tournaments, football in the snow and in the evening it will be the opportunity to play board and other games!
In addition, the "Ivolga (Oriole)" recreation center offers travelers a ski rental service, skate, snowmobile, equipped shooting range, laser tag and a Russian bath.
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Program committee

Chairman - corr.-mem. of RAS, Prof. Alexander Makhnev

  • Youriy Averbukh
  • Nikolay Antonov
  • Alexey Danilin
  • Viktor Kostousov
  • Natalya Maslova
  • Denis Perevalov
  • Vladimir Pimenov
  • Andrey Sozykin
  • Svyatoslav Solodushkin
  • Mikhail Khachay
  • Dmitriy Khlopin

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Organizing committee

Sophia Kovalevskaya str., 16, Yekaterinburg, Russia, Postal Code 620990.

N.N. Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the UB RAS

Chairman - Prof. Alexander Osipov

Secretary - Pavel Chistyakov

  • Natalia Maslova
  • Dmitriy Khlopin

  • Alexey Borbunov
  • Sergey Goryainov
  • Konstantin Yefimov
  • Vladislav Kabanov
  • Valeriya Kolpakova
  • Yekaterina Neznakhina
  • Maxim Pasynkov
  • Sergey Pravdin
  • Alexey Rodin
  • Leonid Shalaginov

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