Modern problems in mathematics and its applications
International (51st National) Youth School-Conference

Yekaterinburg, 2020 February from 3 to 7
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3—7 February 2020
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from 15 Sep 2019 till 6 Feb 2020
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from 9 Jan 2020 till 30 Jan 2020
Arrival and departure
from 2 Feb 2020 till 7 Feb 2020
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February 8

Youth school-conference is completed. We thank all participants for interesting reports and useful discussions. See you at future conferences!

February 3

A detailed description of walking tours around the city center appeared in the section "Cultural and entertainment program". And in the personal page the ability to sign up for these excursions has been added. Do not forget to select the "Save" button after choosing the necessary options.

February 3

The conference is open!

February 3

The announcements of lectures by Agapov Sergey Vadimovich (Novosibirsk) and Johannes Diepolder (Munich) are published in the section "Lecturers" ↑.

February 2

Full program of the conference has been published.

January 26

In the section "Speakers" ↑ an announcement of a lecture by Krotov Denis Stanislavovich (Novosibirsk) is posted.

January 24

In the section "Speakers" ↑ an announcement of a lecture by Revin Danila Olegovich (Novosibirsk) is posted.

January 23

A preliminary partial conference program has been published.

January 9

Today is the last day of registration of reports for participants. This deadline is final and will not be extended. We ask you to be in time with filling out registration forms in your account.

December 25

The deadline for registration of reports is extended until January 9, 2020.

November 11

First announcement is published on the website.

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November 11

First announcement (pdf)
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Key research areas

Key research areas of the school-conference (reports sections):
  1. Algebra and combinatorics (includes subsections: group theory chaired by N.V. Maslova, Dr.Sc., algebraic graph theory chaired by E.V. Konstantinova, Ph.D., algebra and its applications chaired by V.A. Baranskii, Dr.Sc.).
  2. Computer science, data analysis and artificial intelligence (chaired by M.A. Chernoskutov).
  3. Mathematical biology (chaired by S.F. Pravdin, Ph.D.).
  4. Mathematical programming, ill-posed problems and data analysis (chairman M.Yu. Khachai, Dr.Sc.).
  5. Optimal control and differential games (chaired by V.S. Patsko, Ph.D.).
  6. Theory of functions (chairman R.R. Akopyan, Ph.D.).
  7. Theory of probability and random processes (chaired by Yu.V. Averbukh, Ph.D.).
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N.N. Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the UB RAS.
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Cultural and entertainment program

Details of walking tours:

February 4 (Tue) , Chekist town, start at 20:00.
Cost 300 Rub.
Number of participants maximum 15 people.

Tour of the monument of constructivism - the legendary Chekist Town. The place, which is not only an outstanding architectural monument and an example of attempts to re-organize life, but also a place associated with many legends and myths. The main topics of the tour are architectural features, everyday life of the Chekists and other residents of the town. A town in history, art and mythology. An excursion involves going around the territory and the town. A feature of the tour is the opportunity to visit an apartment in the town and see the features of the layout (apartments without a kitchen!), Especially the lighting, furniture and everyday life. And also meet and chat with the well-known cat Richard (if someone has an allergy to animals, then you need to accept precautionary measures). The tour is designed for 1.5 hours.

Tour guide - Larisa Piskunova.

February 5 (Wed) , the center of Yekaterinburg, Drama Square, start at 20:00 .
Cost 200 Rub.
Number of participants maximum 20 people.

During the tour we will look at the 300-year history of Yekaterinburg through the architectural heritage of constructivism and plans for the development of the city in the 1920-30s. We will learn about the history of the largest square of the Urals, see several iconic avant-garde complexes, and talk about the historical and cultural codes of Yekaterinburg. The tour will end in the famous square at the drama, which the cityzens were able to defend from development in May 2019, and which became the birthplace of the identity "city of demons." Start at 20:00 from the monument to Marshal G.K.Zhukov. The tour is designed for 1.5 hours.

Tour guide - Moskvin Dmitry Evgenievich, candidate of political sciences, author of the telegram channel “The born in Yekaterinburg”, former candidate for the Mayor of Yekaterinburg.

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Social media

Instagram https://instagram.com/sopromat2020.

Telegram @sopromat2020.
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Program committee

Chairman - corr.-mem. of RAS, Prof. Alexander Makhnev

  • Roman Akopyan
  • Nikolay Antonov
  • Youriy Averbukh
  • Vitalii Baranskii
  • Michael Chernoskutov
  • Michael Khachay
  • Dmitriy Khlopin
  • Elena Konstantinova
  • Natalya Maslova
  • Valerii Patsko
  • Sergey Pravdin
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Organizing committee

16, Sophia Kovalevskaya str., Yekaterinburg, Russia, Postal Code 620108,
N.N. Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the UB RAS.
E-mail: sopromat2020@imm.uran.ru
+7(343) 362-81-01

Chairman - Prof. Nikolay Antonov

Secretary - Pavel Chistyakov

  • Dmitriy Khlopin

  • Alexey Borbunov
  • Konstantin Yefimov
  • Vladislav Kabanov
  • Nikolay Minigulov
  • Alexey Rodin
  • Dmitry Yamkovoi

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